I got this customer service job a few years now. I genuinely the company and the office atmosphere is great but a few months ago I had a sudden lack of ambition. I wasn't the only one feeling this way; everyone had a sour disposition. The company's boss must've have noticed it too because he added a team building seminar to our schedule.

Originally I scoffed. Coming of age during the age of ironic t-shirts, coupled with such films as Office Space I hail most everything with scoffs. So this is the prism through which I viewed the actual workshop. After the actual workshop my opinion changed. The speakers were captivating, uplifting, and entertaining. The activities were enlightening. Also, it didn't go as long as a normal workday though I wouldn't have been unhappy if it did. The important thing was I returned to the office with revitalized motivation, substantial leadership skills, and a better relationship with my coworkers. This was yet another reason why I shouldn't believe my cynicism.

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